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What's good for Māori...

Duration: 01:13

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Over time, as teachers become more experienced with the effective teaching profile, Te Kotahitanga data now shows that Māori students have improved their achievement and so too have non Māori students.

What's good for Māori students is good for all students from Ministry of Education on Vimeo.




“We’ve been talking about getting a t-shirt printed for a long time, and on the front of the t-shirt it’s got, ‘What’s good for Māori is good for everybody,’ but we also need to have on the back of the t-shirt, ‘What’s good for everybody is not necessarily good for Māori.’ We’ve never made the t-shirt because you’d have to be too big to wear it you see so, so it’s the problem with it. But really what our data is showing really, really, really, really clearly which is just great news for us is that as Māori students improve their achievement in our schools so do non Māori as well. But what we’re really delighted about in the latest evidence that we’re gathering as well, is that after five or six years teachers get more and more effective. And as they get more and more effective Māori students achievement is improving. What’s really quite wonderful on the latest data we’ve got is in fact that Māori are now achieving at the same levels as non-Māori students in our schools. So we’re getting to a point where we can see that it takes about five or six years, I never, didn’t believe that when we started, didn’t think, ‘Crikey it couldn’t take that long,’ but it does. All the literature told us that it would and it does take that long.”


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