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R. Bishop, & M. Berryman & L. Cavanagh & L. Teddy & S. Clapham & R. Lamont & A. Jeffries & S. Copas & A. Siope & D. Jaram (2008) Te Kotahitanga: Towards sustainability and replicability in 2006 and 2007.. The University of Waikato

Bishop, R., Berryman, M., Cavanagh, T., Teddy, L., Clapham, S., Lamont, R., Jeffries, A., Copas, S., Siope, A., & Jaram, D. (2008). Te Kotahitanga: Towards sustainability and replicability in 2006 and 2007: Report to the Ministry of Education. Hamilton: University of Waikato Te Kotahitanga Research and Professional Development Team. Contact your library or The University of Waikato for advice on obtaining this article.

Ted Glynn & Janice Wearmouth & Mere Berryman (2005) Supporting students with literacy difficulties: A responsive approach (summary). Open University Press

This book by Ted Glynn, Janice Wearmouth, and Mere Berryman examines ways in which teachers and other adults, at school and at home, have created effective, responsive, social contexts for literacy learning. Chapter 1 and summary available online.

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