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Effective Teaching Profile

The Effective Teaching Profile consists of six elements.

  1. Manaakitanga – teachers care for their students as culturally located human beings above all else.
  2. Mana motuhake – teachers care for the performance of their students.
  3. Nga whakapiringatanga – teachers are able to create a secure, well-managed learning environment.
  4. Wananga – teachers are able to engage in effective teaching interactions with Māori students as Māori.
  5. Ako – teachers can use strategies that promote effective teaching interactions and relationships with their learners.
  6. Kotahitanga – teachers promote, monitor and reflect on outcomes that in turn lead to improvements in educational achievement for Māori students.

The Effective Teaching Profile was implemented in the classroom of participating teachers in 2004 and 2005 by means of the Te Kotahitanga Professional Development Programme. This programme consists of an initial induction hui, which is followed by a term-by-term cycle of formal observations, follow-up feedback, group co-construction meetings, and targeted shadow-coaching. Other activities that support this programme, such as new knowledge, new teaching strategies and/or new assessment procedures are introduced on a “needs” basis.

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